The history and life of 47 year old Wiola from Poland reminds of a classic fairytale. Internet users call her an angel

April 13, 2019

Some people who had an opportunity to meet Wiola in person talk about amazing or even mystical feelings coming up in her presence. The story of her life is so unusual that it seems to be taken straight from a classic fairy tale. Perhaps many would take it with a pinch of salt, if it wasn’t for one fact that simply can’t be missed. There is something that gives credibility to this story and urges us to look at it as well. Well, this beautiful girl with the looks of a twenty year old is in fact 47 years old!

It seems that time has almost stopped for her for over a quarter of a century. Hardly anyone believes in her age. However, many people confirm that Wiola has lived for almost half a century. She has three children; a teenage son and two adult daughters. Her age is a fact.

Recently, Wiola has conquered the hearts of Internet users who have been falling in love with her at first sight. She publishes posts on love as the main message and its impact on people and the universe. Many Internet users call her „An Angel”. Wiola’s life story is probably one of these very amazing stories we should hear more often and that you haven’t heard for a long time.


Life is a miracle – the amazing story of Wiola


Wiola was born in Poland in Podlasie in 1972. As a young girl, she immigrated to Sweden with her parents.

Apparently, from an early age she could feel a very strong connection with the universe and nature. At night she would watch the stars for hours. She was very aware as a child. Also as a little girl, she refused to eat meat.

One of the first and many unusual events in her life was a trip to the farm with a bee apiary. The beekeeper demonstrated pulling honey ladders out of the hive. It was necessary to wear protective attire against bee bites. During the show, the host experienced a shock. He had never seen anything like it before in several dozen years of breeding bees. In contact with Wiola they were asleep and very calm. The smiling girl removed her protective suit and said, „They won’t do anything to me.” The beekeeper did not believe what he saw. He thought maybe his bees suddenly got sick. When Wiola left, the bees immediately revived. Many people have witnessed this story. Our heroine only smiled sweetly. Apparently, her relatives have since felt that „something is up.”

There are many such stories and extraordinary events in her life. In this article, however, we will focus on the most important things that had a significant impact on her life.


Paris, or meeting with the stranger


As a beautiful and shapely teenager, Wiola caught an eye of a modeling agent during a walk (in Sweden). The meeting resulted in work for an elite fashion agency in Paris. The young girl began to fly between Sweden and France. She was already an extremely spiritual person.

In France, working as a model from a reputable fashion agency, she met the world of local artistic bohemia. She was young and pure, but she encountered the ruthlessness of the show business world. It wasn’t quite the world she wanted to devote herself to and she began to hesitate. However, she had a contract, so she had to continue working in order to fulfill her professional obligations.


A day that changed everything


It was 1989. During one of her stays in France, like almost every day, 17-year-old Wiola was walking from the hotel to a modeling agency. She used to buy a baguette for her breakfast. Then she would stop at a small church for a while. Resting there lifted her up because she felt very lonely on her trips to France.

During one of those visits to the church, she noticed a homeless, dirty and a repulsive man sitting on a bench.

She decided to come over and ask him if he was hungry. To the great surprise, the man showed that he was mute. However, she heard (!) his thoughts, and thus experienced the phenomenon of telepathy (communication without the use of senses known to man). What’s amazing, in this unusual way Wiola began to communicate with him permanently. The man would use a stick to draw mysterious signs on the ground or sketch something „in the sky” outside the church.


A Mysterious homeless from the Parisian church awakened Wiola’s hidden skills | fot. Shine Gonzalvez (hypothetic picture)

Wiola met this mysterious character many times, always offering the homeless a baguette and sitting down with him. She spent many hours with him „talking”. Apparently, she considers every second spent with the stranger priceless, until today.

This extraordinary man was to have a huge impact on Wiola’s life opening a highly advanced mental and spiritual path for her.

She still calls him a „beloved friend” and an „outstanding teacher”. She remembered to this day an unearthly view of his eyes, which expressed „all the love of this world.”

One day, a homeless man, much to the disappointment of a young girl, was no longer in the church. He hasn’t come back in the following days. She never saw him again. Who was this mysterious and unusual man? Unfortunately, it is not known. He never revealed his name or who he was. Wiola decided to remember the invaluable knowledge received from the homeless and practice he passed on to her.


When the rainbow gives way to fog

blurry eyesight

Shortly after these events happened something that nobody expected. Wiola suddenly began to have very serious problems with her eye sight which was getting worse each day. Perhaps this saved her because she could terminate the contract with the modeling agency and leave France. She left the world of many serious threats lurking at a lonely young modelling teenager.

The girl returned home in Sweden. Something strange was happening with her eyes. Everything was wrapped up in a strong fog, the contrast was reduced, and the world was washed out of colors. Instead, she began to see, or rather feel, the outlines of energy. The doctors carried out all possible tests. Unfortunately, they spread their hands helplessly. They could not indicate the cause of vision problems. They did not find the slightest trace of any disease. Her eyes and the optic nerve were healthy as all studies have shown. However, Wiola decided that she would not give up.

With a close person she left the city for the countryside in order to learn there how to live again.

 Picturesque farm in the countryside

(hypothetic picture)

It was summer, Wiola spent a lot of time in nature in a picturesque farm. She always had excellent contact with nature and animals. However, in a state of limited vision, this relationship began to deepen significantly. Her heart intuitively sensed all the vibrations in her life.She slowly began to get used to the new state she was in, she was doing better and better, she felt at greater peace. She dreamed, however, to be able to see the world again clearly and in the colors of the rainbow. In such way, some time passed in the countryside.


Vision recovery – a miraculous awakening

A wonderful awakening

Nothing predicted what had happened. Apparently, one night Wiola had a very intense sleep. She heard the question – „Would you like to get your sight back„? There was only one condition. She was to „convey the truth about love” – ​​which she agreed to.

When she woke up she remembered her dream perfectly. For a moment she was afraid to open her eyes. When she finally dared, to her surprise and boundless happiness, she found that she could see perfectly! Although this story sounds amazing or even like a fairy tale, it is reportedly a fact. Wiola was healthy and very happy. She could go back to the city – to her home.

However, she never forgot her commitment. But she was forced to wait for another 23 years, almost to this day, for its realization. You will ask why? Because she had only recently „regained freedom” and she could begin to reveal her secrets.


Colorful bird in a golden cage

Wiola, as a young woman, used to visit her homeland in Poland. So she flew from Sweden to her beloved grandmother in Podlasie.

Podlasie in Poland

During one of such stays she met her future partner. She was twenty years old at that time. She got married to a man and gave birth to three wonderful, very talented children.

Even though creating a family she calls her relationship the most difficult school of life for her. Her ruthless partner focused solely on his career and did not understand her needs. It was a collision of two different worlds. Wiola had everything, but she lived in a golden cage and did not have what she loved the most; freedom and „the right to be human”. She remained in this state for 23 long years. To survive this very difficult period, she developed her mental abilities and love for the world. It was her only way to escape from the destructive reality and to survive.

Today she is free and stands before us with her commitment to proclaiming love.

Her Facebook page has been widely appreciated by Internet users. Everyone simply loved this amazing girl with all their hearts. With reciprocity, it’s worth adding.


Awareness above all, that is, love through life


Those who are interested in developing awareness know that the highest degree of the initiation is the so-called „Open Heart„. The meeting with Wiola confirms this. Some people who had the pleasure to meet her speak of almost unearthly energy that beats from her. Pure mysticism. It’s impossible to lie to her because she can see everything anyway. She has a number of amazing abilities. It has the energy and a charm of a child, but her mind is remarkably penetrating. She often advises people on solving life problems and helps them find peace and balance. Apparently, her energy can also heal.

Wiola releases the best in people and at the same time extinguishes the bad. Alive look into her eyes can be an unusual experience. It’s like understanding what love is and why we live in this world.


In the era of a kind of „fashion” for the development of awareness, Wiola has been gaining more and more recognition. Until recently lonely, unknown to anyone and somewhat lost in reality, today she flourishes before our eyes. In India – the country considered the most spiritual; Wiola is considered, in some circles, a phenomenon of nature. Every day she receives many messages – from Poland, but also from many other countries. She tries to write back to everyone, although it is not easy.

Spiritually conscious people who have met her say she represents an advanced form of consciousness. Extremely natural and at the same time unusual. Privately, she is a very modest, kind, endearing girl, full of charm, smile and mysterious magic.


People call her an angel, an alien, a brilliant mentalist. Some report how their lives have changed for the better since they have met her, or even from looking at her photos and reading messages. No one can fully determine its phenomenon. However, no one ever said about her that she was dishonest with herself and others. Even skeptics feel that she is someone extraordinary. It is simply visible through the naked eye. A 47-year-old looking like a 20-year-old? This fact alone must create and evoke a great impression. What does she say about herself?

„I help to release the best in people, which they usually hide deep inside. I show them the truth of the Universal Heart Love”

Interestingly, several recognized mystics from the world are currently talking about a person from Poland who will soon initiate global changes in human consciousness. Could it be about her? This cannot be excluded because her life and a person are a phenomenon.

At this point it is worth noticing another fact. Already as an adult, the young woman, though not yet as aware as today, Wiola went to a meeting with a well-known astrophysicist / medium from Sweden; this woman is a great spiritual and scientific authority. Seeing a slim girl, the professor was supposed to stand still. Apparently she said about her then: „Her power is able to move mountains.” Unfortunately, nothing more is known about this meeting.

Wiola works through the Heart and the Energy of Love. She doesn’t criticize or attack anyone. She unites all environments. She speaks a simple language to reach everyone. She makes very accurate diagnoses. Defines priorities. Her messages of love are universal and reach almost everyone.

Wiola with a dog

Wiola emphasizes the great importance of nature in human life

Can you „stop the time”?

Wiola claims that unconditional love for all creation is the key to changes for the better.

She talks about the need to forgive yourself and others. She shows how to live so that reality does not consume us. She emphasizes the very strong relationship between man and nature. She claims that all living things are one.

She feels best among nature, which she understands and loves with all her heart. Mutually. She claims that nature gives her energy for her love. Thanks to this, she dramatically reduced the aging process.


Hardly anyone believes her when she says she is 47


Wiola aged 46

„An Angel” woman?

Wiola is like an endless chest full of treasures. This „chest” has only recently been opened. Currently, the so-called „Spiritual Millennium” – can it have anything to do with her person? This is not known.Anyway, this amazing girl has already done a lot of good. She ignited the fire in the hearts of many people around the world again. And they transfer this fire further – to their loved ones, friends and acquaintances.



Wiola does not agree with many earthly matters – she overcomes them all with love. Our heroine does not cease to work. She claims that this is only the beginning of changes for the better. I hope she is right.

We are aware that this article raises a lot of emotions. To authenticate the content, we encourage you to visit Wiola’s fanpage.

For those who want to contact Wiola, we would like to inform you that Wiola has recently been conducting consultations at the email address – in order to receive one, you need to send your current photo.

Translation from Polish into English – Beata Babinska. Special thanks 

Polish version of the article